Trio Motorscope

Protection Relay for 400VAC, 0.37→5.6kW motors

  • Over-load (e.g. pump jammed)
  • Under-load (e.g. run-dry)
  • Over-Voltage
  • Under-Voltage
  • Phase Failure (e.g. a wire is cut)
  • Phase sequence changes (e.g. after a power failure, the phases are swapped)
  • Phase Imbalance (e.g. one of the phases carries more load than the other two)
  • Not against lightning

The Trio has a Recovery Timer to allow a bore-hole to fill up before a restart attempt is made (after a run-dry condition).
This timer is manually adjustable from 4 minutes to 16 hours.

The Trio has an Auxiliary Inhibit input which stops the motor when the circuit between AUX and COM is OPEN.
This input may thus be used to remotely stop the motor.
For example:
A normally closed pressure sensor may be connected to this input.
When a specified pressure is reached, the connection will open and the Trio will stop the motor.

The Trio has a real-time clock. This allows the unit to store the date and time (year, month, day, hour, minute) of each one of the last 43 trips.

Technical Specifications
Motor Voltage: L1→L2→L3=400V
Current Range: 1→15 Amp
Power Range: 0.37→5.6 kW
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 3 VA
Relay Output: 400V:16A
Cos Phi Range: 0→1 Inductive
Temp Range: -15→+70°C
Weight: ± 500 g
Dimensions: 85 x 130 x 50 mm
Optional Extras

Built-in Optimizer:  The built-in optimizer has a 32 character LCD screen and enables one to see and adjust all parameters of the unit.

Mobi Board: The Mobi Board acts as a serial to Bluetooth interface converter to enable a user to conveniently adjust parameters and view trip logs via our mobile app.

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