RF Unit

Wireless Input Monitoring / Relay Control via a Transceiver


The RF Transceiver is a versatile
Receiver / Transmitter / Repeater
Remote Monitor / Control
2.4GHz Radio with
true mesh networking capability
(no master/coordinator).

  • 3 Dry Contact Inputs
  • 2 Relay Outputs (Dry Contracts)
  • Mains or Solar Panel & Battery powered supply
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • RP-SMA Antenna Connector for short or long range antenna
  • On both units (Transmitter & Receiver): Switch power ON.
  • Wait 1 minute.
  • On Transmitter: Switch on ONLY Input 1 (If you want to use input 1).
  • On Receiver: Switch on ONLY Output 1 (If you want to use output 1).
  • On both units (Transmitter & Receiver): Press the pushbuttons simultaneously for only 3 seconds.
  • The LED shall then flash a number of times to indicate the strength of the received signal.
    (9 Flashes = 90% signal)
  • Power Supply Input Voltage
    • 12VDC (we can also supply a Solar Panel, Battery and Charger kit)
    • 230VAC
  • Antenna
    • Short Range (600m Line-of-Sight): Omni-directional
    • Long Range (3000m Line-of-Sight): Directional
Technical Specifications
AC Power Input: 230VAC, 7 Watts
DC Power Input: 11-15VDC, 7 Watts
Standard Antenna: 5dBi Mini, Magnetic, Omnidirectional with 3 meter cable
Optional High Gain Antenna: 24dBi Grid Antenna (600 x 900 mm, 10° Horizontal Beam, 14° Vertical Beam, 3.5kg), Pole Mountable with 3 meter cable
Inputs: 3 – Working with dry contact (12VDC – 10mA)
Outputs: 2 – Relays (MAX 10A, 400VAC)
± 1 kg
158 x 238 x 100 mm

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