Pivot Controller

A simple to use controller which stops the water pump after a set-able time of all pivot motors being stopped


The Pivot Controller is a basic protection unit used on the motors of pivot irrigation systems.
The Pivot Controller is designed to help with the even distribution of water and fertilizer when irrigating through a Pivot.

Working Principle

The Pivot Controller has the ability to sense current to the drive motors responsible for moving the Pivot.
As long as the Pivot is aligned all drive motors will be active drawing current.

Should the Pivot get out of line, micro-switches will attempt to straighten the Pivot.
If it is impossible for the micro-switches to straighten the Pivot, the Pivot Controller will stop the pump supplying the Pivot after a minimum time of 1min 22sec.

This time can be set on the Pivot Controller to a maximum time of 42min 27sec.
If the micro-switches are able to straighten the Pivot before the time set on the Pivot Controller runs out, it will not stop the supply pump.

Technical Specifications
Controller Voltage: 230/400VAC
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 3VA
Relay Contact Rating: 400V:16A
Temp Range: -15→70°C
Weight: ±500 g
Dimensions: 85 x 130 x 50mm

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