Serial to Bluetooth interface for the Motorscope motor protection products

NIST Mobi (Board + App)

The NIST Mobi App shows Motorscope® live motor stats, limits & trip graphs via Mobi Boards.

This combination replaces the legacy Hand-held Optimizer, Downloader hardware and software package.

The NIST Mobi App is available on the App Store (for use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using iOS 9 and up) and on the Google Play Store (for use on tablets and phones using Android™ 4.4 and up)
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Types of Mobi Boards
    • The Mobi Boards come with two different serial port connector options.
The Direct connector provides a low profile connection with the Motorscope and thus allows the standard Motorscope Enclosure to close as normally even with the Mobi Board plugged into the serial port of the Motorscope.
The Cable connector provides a more robust connection interface to allow the user to use the Mobi Board as a carry-along optimization tool in stead of the Handheld Optimizer.”

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