MSI Panels

Complete 400VAC Three Phase Motor Protection and Starter Panels for up to 37kW motors


We manufacture standard and customized IP rated MSI panels fitted with our Motorscope protection units.
The standard MSI Panels are all fitted with our Supra Motorscope protection relay.
A built-in Optimizer is also included in each Supra.

  • Over-load (e.g. pump jammed)
  • Under-load (e.g. run-dry)
  • Over-Voltage
  • Under-Voltage
  • Phase Failure (e.g. a wire is cut)
  • Phase sequence changes (e.g. after a power failure, the phases are swapped)
  • Phase Imbalance (e.g. one of the phases carries more load than the other two)
Panel Contents
  • Circuit breaker
  • Surge protectors
  • Contactor
  • On / Off switch mounted on the door
  • Supra Motorscope protection unit with built-in Optimizer
  • IP54 powder coated steel enclosure
  • Printed user manual including:
    • Supra and Built-in Optimizer User Guides
    • Panel and Supra Technical Specifications
    • Panel wiring diagram
Panel Measurements
Dimensions Weight
MSI 15 400x300x200mm 13kg
MSI 22 500x400x200mm 17kg
MSI 30 500x400x200mm 17kg
MSI 37 500x400x200mm 17kg

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