Motorscope S2LC

The Motorscope S2LC is a compact dual motor protection unit with an integrated level controller and more.


The Motorscope S2LC is a dual pump protection unit (2 Supra relays) with level control features.

Our compact S2LC replaces this relay-based control panel!

  • Over-load (e.g. pump jammed)
  • Under-load (e.g. run-dry)
  • Over-Voltage
  • Under-Voltage
  • Phase Failure (e.g. a wire is cut)
  • Phase sequence changes (e.g. after a power failure, the phases are swapped)
  • Phase Imbalance (e.g. one of the phases carries more load than the other two)
  • Not against lightning
  • Filling or Emptying
  • Float Switches or Probes
  • Manual or Auto

The two Supras share an alarm output for:

  • Over Current
  • Over Power
  • Minimum Phase Angle
  • No Current
  • Uncalibrated
  • Controller Error

Shared level and pump alarm output for:

  • Either high or Low level
  • Oil sump water detection

Each Supra has its own Recover Timer to allow the sump to fill up before a restart attempt is made (after a run-dry condition).
These timers are manually adjustable from 4 minutes to 16 hours.

Each Supra has a real-time clock. This allows each unit to store the date and time (year, month, day, hour, minute) of each one of the last 43 trips.

Technical Specifications
Motor Voltage (3ph): L1→L2→L3=415VAC
Motor Voltage (1ph): L1→L2=230VAC
Power Range: 1→37kW
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 14 VA
3 Top Relays: 400V:16A
1 Bottom Relay: 230V:8A
Cos Phi Range: 0→1 Inductive
Temp Range: -15→+70°C
Weight: 2kg
Dimensions: 248 x 162 x 126 mm
Max cable length
of float switch
300 m
External CT Shunt Resistor Values

FOR A 2.5VA, 250:1 CT

Current Range Resistor Value CT Radio
1-12 Amp 32Ω 1
8-24 Amp 16Ω 2
20-48 Amp 8Ω 4
40-96 Amp 4Ω 8
70-170 Amp 2Ω 16

Built-in User Interface Options


The S2LC has a dedicated serial port for each Supra to which the following Built-in User interface options could be connected:

  • A single Mobi Board (Bluetooth Interface to App) which can manually be moved from one Supra’s serial port to the other.
  • Two Mobi Boards (one for each Supra)
  • A single Built-in Optimizer which can manually be moved from the one Supra’s serial port to the other Unfortunately the Built-in optimizers are too big to allow two of them to fit into each-other on the S2LC therefore no dual Built-In Optimizer option is available.
  • For more information on the Mobi Board, please click here
  • For more information on the Built-in Optimizer, Please click here

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