IO Transceiver

Wireless Input Monitoring / Relay Control via a Transceiver


The I0 Transceiver has 2 Relay Outputs, 2 Galvanically Isolated 5V tied inputs (use dry-contacts to control these inputs), 2 Galvanically isolated 4 to 20mA Analogue Outputs, 2 Analogue inputs (0 to 5 VDC OR 0 to 20mA). It also makes use of a LoRA radio to create a local area network (thus NOT LoRA WAN connected, thus no monthly fees) via a proprietary TDMA mesh protocol.

  • 2 Dry Contact Inputs
  • 2 Relay Outputs (Dry Contacts)
  • 2 Analog Inputs
  • 2 Analogue Outputs
  • IP51 Enclosure
  • Includes LoRa Transceiver Module with Whip Antenna
  • Mains or DC powered supply
  • Commission nodes into a new network (2 to 15 nodes per network)
  • Replace dead nodes (thus allowing the network to recover full functionality after a node was damaged beyond repair)
  • Configure Relay Output logic (based on the status of ONE or MANY inputs In the network via up to 8 standard logic operands: NOT, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR and XNOR)
  • Configure Analogue Outputs (link with single Analogue Input in the network with optional signal inversion)
  • Capture the GPS coordinates of each node for viewing on an in-app map.
  • Uncommission a node from the network for relocation purposes).
  • Power Supply Input Voltage
    • 12VDC (we can also supply a Solar Panel, Battery and Charger kit)
    • 230VAC
Technical Specifications

AC Input:

190 to 260VAC

DC Input:

9 to 26 VDC

Power Consumption:

150mA max on 5VDC secondary side


2 Galvanically isolated 5V tied inputs (use dry-contacts to control these Inputs), 2 Analogue inputs (terming selectable 0 to 5 VDC OR 0 to 2OmA)


2 Relay Outputs (240VAC, 5A contact rating with N/O, COM and N/C terminals), 2 Galvanically isolated 4 to 20mA Analogue Outputs (31VDC max loop supply voltage)


869.5 MHz, LoRa modulation, one-to-many broadcast topology using one of 18 spread-factor, bandwidth combinations per network.

Real world tested range between two nodes:


Technical Specifications
Interface: RS232
Controller Voltage: 230/400/525VAC
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 4VA
Max. Contact Capacity: 60W (e.g. 230V, 250mA)
Temp Range: -15→70°C
Weight: ±500 g
Dimensions: 85 x 130 x 50mm
IO Transceiver App

This comparison app Is used to configure and view parameters of the wireless Input / output transceiver of NIST Control Systems (Pty) Ltd called the IO Transceiver.

By being connected via Bluetooth to ANY node in the network:

  • All input and output states of the entire network can be viewed.
  • The RSSI of the entire network can be viewed

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