The Downloader is a link between a PC and an Optimizer


By connecting an Optimizer to the port named “OPT”, the Downloader acts as a converter to upload a Log File from the Optimizer onto the PC.
Various graphs (see Software Features) of the last 43 trips may be viewed through the Motorscope Downloader Program.

Software Features
  • Voltage
  • Power (kW)
  • Current (Amps)
  • Phase Angle
  • Relay-off current
  • Reason for Trip
  • Temperature Timer state
  • Under-load timer state
  • Auxilliary inhibit state
  • Real-time data (if applicable to the specific unit).
Downloader kit contents
  • The Downloader (interface conversion unit)
  • USB interface cable
  • CD containing:
    • The Motorscope Downloader Program Installer
    • Downloader hardware interface drivers for Windows
  • Instruction booklet (inside the CD case)
Technical Specifications
Weight: 50 g
Dimensions: 86 x 50 x 24 mm

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