The Communicator indicates the status of a controller.


All Motorscope & Level Controller units have RS232 outputs for serial communication.

The Communicator connects to this serial port by means of a RS232 cable (standard with unit).

During operation, the control units transmit information to the Communicator, which interperets to control 3 relays.


Instead of the flashing LED indications as on the Motorscope units, the Communicator has only three LED / Relay indications:

  • Green LED Only (ALL OK)
  • Yellow LED Only (Auto-Recovery Trip)
  • Red LED Only (Serious Trip: Manual restart required)

For detailed error information or to adjust the settings in the Motorscope unit, an Optimizer can be plugged in on the Optimizer plug.

Technical Specifications
Interface: RS232
Controller Voltage: 230/400/525VAC
Frequency Range: 40→70 Hz
Consumption: 4VA
Max. Contact Capacity: 60W (e.g. 230V, 250mA)
Temp Range: -15→70°C
Weight: ±500 g
Dimensions: 85 x 130 x 50mm

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