Built-in Optimizer

LCD and Button user interface for the Motorscope motor protection products.

The Optimizer is used as an optimization tool for Motorscope protection units as well as a storage device for the trip-data of up to 16 different units.

Normal calibration is sufficient in 95% of all applications, the remaining 5% needs to be optimized with our Optimizer.
These optimizations may for example include the lowering of the lower power limit for a sprinkler application where water supply is still needed even though the valves are almost completely closed.

Every Motorscope protection unit has a memory function to store the data of the last 43 trips.
These values can be downloaded into the Optimizer, copied to a PC (via our Downloader) and stored in a log file (via the Motorscope Downloader Program).
The log file can be displayed or printed through the Motorscope Downloader Program, or it can be sent as an attachment to an email.

It is not recommended that the built-in optimizer is to be used as a replacement of the handheld optimizer, since its connector could easily be damaged due to multiple plug in / out cycles.

This Optimizer also has a Trip Data Display feature, which enables you to view the most probable cause of each trip (of the last stored Log File) in the field without having to connect it to a PC (via the Downloader) to download it.

This version of the Optimizer is backwards-compatible with all of our Motorscope products as far back as 2000.

This means that you need only ONE Optimizer to get the downloads from any one of our Motorscope protection units which left our doors as far back as 2000.

Technical Specifications
Power Supply: Powered from Motorscope protection unit or Motorscope Downloader
Housing: Bare PCB to be enclosed by the mounted Motorscope’s own enclosure.
Weight: ±17g
Dimensions: 75 x 43 x 24 mm

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