(Advanced GSM Enabled Modem)


The AGEM is an Advanced GSM Enabled Modem which acts as a gateway between one of our devices and the Internet.

The AGEM thus transfers data from a device to an online database .

The data stored on the database can then be accessed through our browser based ROCS (Remote Online Control System).

  • Mount the unit
  • Remove the lid
  • Connect the wires to the relays and inputs
  • Plug the data link cable into the AGEM and the controller (Motorscope / Liquid Level Controller)
  • Replace the lid
  • Insert the GSM antenna
  • Switch the AGEM on
  • Within 5 min after power-up, the AGEM should be connected to the online database and ready for online communications via the ROCS system
  • No parameters to be fine-tuned before usage.
  • LCD Display which indicates the status of the AGEM
  • Single button to scroll through 13 information pages

When the mains power falls away, the AGEM:

  • Disconnects the power of the relays and input monitoring stops to preserve battery power
  • Keeps the GSM modem connected to the online database to enable notification of power-down status

When the mains power is restored, the AGEM:

  • Immediately switches back to the mains power
  • Waits 30 seconds for the power to stabilize
  • Resume control of the relays and monitoring of the inputs.
Technical Specifications
Power Supply: 12VDC,5Amp (100-240VAC input power supply with standard SA plug is supplied in the kit)
Standard Antenna: 3dB Mini, Magnetic, Omnidirectional with 3 meter cable
Weight (AGEM Only): ± 550 g
Dimensions (AGEM Only): 116 x 86 x 86 mm
Weight (Entire Kit): ± 1.2 kg
Dimensions (Entire Kit): 260 x 165 x 145 mm
Antenna Specifications


This is the standard magnetic whip antenna with a 3 meter cable.

Through-hole Vandal Proof: 

Ideal for panels mounted in the open-air. The 1 meter cable of this vandal proof antenna is neatly concealed by the antenna puck itself. The puck has a gasket, built-in bolt and nut to ensure a waterproof seal.

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